Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ironman free 2006

The last three years I did at least one Ironman race a year, but this year I feel not motivated to train and race in them. I will still do a few other triathlons and running races, and even a few roadbike races, but Ironman events will have to wait for me until 2007 because it takes to much time to train. It is actually quite nice to not have to train 6 hours each day on the weekend, and actually take a few weekends off with light training. The pic here shows me in Ironman Arizona 2005 and that race pretty much worked me over and made me decide to take a bit time off from IM races. I had a nice swim there, and a very good bike time despite heavy winds, but my run time was terrible and in the end I even managed to have a faster bike time than my run time. For those of you who don't know what that means, one should not ride the bike faster for 112 miles versus running 26.2 miles. :-)


Rachel said...

wow! i would like to do an ironman someday.

Herbert said...

Well, I am sure that'll happen before too long. Just keep up your great training.