Sunday, August 29, 2010

ARTpARTy Augustus 2010

So we had another ARTpARTy at our house and we had a great time indeed. We had quite a few first time ARTpARTy attendees and that makes it always quite interesting. Quite a few friends couldn't make it because of schedule conflicts, but their will be another one in January. Below are some of the artists with their work.

Amy had taken this photos during a snow storm with long exposures and mounted them on black.

I initially planned to add red flower petals to this image but decided to keep it as is.

Ken Otterbourg could go into business with his popular gourd fish art

A great architectural rendering of a building in High Point by Craig Dishner

Bess and Dave Wildman had not yet been to one of our ARTpARTies and Bess pulled of this nice water painting hours before the party started.

The Kuckoo Time art of Mitch Termotto was very popular

Mike and Shannon Chang created candles in bottom wine bottles halfs

These great planters by Luke and Liz Burnett are now in our possession

Laura and Jared Gallaher each brought a nice work of art.

A look at West End details by Leighanne Dorton, as Tim Roan gives his approval

Tim Roan displays the kid's wrapping art of Vicki Latimer Roan's art work

Water buffalo art by Jenn Cannon who just recently moved here

Max was also a first time attendee at the ARTpARTy and it did not show

Nancy Tuohy had a great image that had everyone guessing where it was taken.

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Pedro said...

I guess Erin and I should keep the tradition alive here in Chattaboogie. No one else seems willing to run with the ball.

Kyle T. Webster said...

Herbert, I would love to attend one of these (how forward of me!). Please let me know when you plan on doing this again and I'll bring something nice! It was a pleasure to meet you last weekend at Tim and Vicki's (only briefly)- I was the other bald guy.


Herbert said...

Kyle, an ARTpARTy will happen again late January / early February and you are in for sure.