Saturday, February 05, 2011

ARTpARTy Februarus 2011

The ARTpARTy last night was a great success and we had an incredible 22 pieces of ART on display which were eventually going home with someone else. We also had a record amount of first timers here but that certainly did not show.

Betsy Hamilton started off the evening with a bang

Jeff Zillner's pillow was snatched up early

Maybe the only ARTpARTy moment when Bill Brewer did not smile

Laura Scott with her decoupage creation

Amy created a 3-dimensional art work and seemingly has a crappy photographer as a husband :-(

With my cement book ends

Our neighbor Mary Horan had done a nice print

A beautiful necklace by Clare Fader

Kyle Webster had never been to one of our parties and we were glad he came.

Paige and Andy Lester Niles with a Prefontaine shrine and a warm knitted hat (now ours)

The lamp by Julia Toone and Brian LeFevre was very popular

Charles and Erika von Isenburg crafted a beer bottle opener and a boot scratcher for their first appearance at ARTpARTy

A beautiful photo by Evan and Caitlin Brennan who joined the ARTpARTy for the first time.

Hannah Albertson was an ARTpARTy newbie too, but it did not show.

Jen Cannon is already an experienced ARTpARTy guest

Laura Gallaher's star was crafted from recycled Christmas cards

Kyle and Laura Godat are ARTpARTY veterans by now

Vicki Latimer Roan had her husband Tim embedded in this ART piece, and boy was it popular.

Max was crafty with wood, paint, nails and string

Checking out the goods for the pending ART exchange

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emma said...

This looks like it was a great success as always! The pictures bring back some great memories of the art parties here in Chattanooga...they (and you) are missed! One of these days, you guys need to come back for a visit and we will host an art party in your honour!
Hope all is well...