Sunday, August 21, 2011

ARTpARTy Summer 2011

Saturday night we had another ARTpARTy at our house and we had a great time indeed and think so did all the guests. Amy is still on "bed rest" but this week she got a bit more leeway and gets to move a bit more. She is still very careful though and made sure she was sitting down pretty much all evening. For this party we had 37 people present and 19 pieces of ART. Sorry Treb and Daniela that we never snapped your picture.

Nancy Tuohy is an ARTpARTy pro by now.

Luke Neff came with 2 art works this time.

Luke's second art work was a very cool fish image.

Nice embroidery by Jeff Zillner

Bill Brewer's painting was very well done.

Craig Dishner came solo this time as his wife Kim watched the kids at home.

We are very glad Amret Hawfield could come again.

Amret's husband Wes made a music sampler for the party.

I sometimes ride bikes with Jeff Leal and this was his first ARTpARTy appearance.

Mark Meyer is also someone I ride with and he made this cool cycling painting. First timer at ARTpARTy too.

We are now the proud owners of the jewelry Liz Burnett made.

Our neighbor Mary Horan painted this cool tray.

The knitted sock monkey Jen Cannon had made was very popular.

We are glad that Ginny Norton could join us for this ARTpARTy.

Matt and Caroline Ankerson were also first time ARTpARTy guests and Matt painted this cool John Lennon image.

Dave and Bess Wildman were ate the party again and Dave created a set of fireworks images.

Amy worked in paper mache and made a pregnant sculpture.

For this ARTpARTy I "brought" a photo I had taken with my iPhone.

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